The South African Association for Counselling Psychology (SAACP)


The South African Association for Counselling Psychology of PsySSA aims to:

  • Enhance the relationships between psychologists in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  • Promote the professional practice and status of the Counselling Psychologist.
  • Render various types of relevant, accessible and affordable services that are efficient and effective to individuals, groups, organisations and communities, whereby human development and mental health, as well as the development of organisations and communities may be enhanced.
  • Improve the relationships between registered psychologists on the one hand and members of other professions, organisations, and the general public on the other hand.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding Counselling Psychology to all interested parties.
  • Promote excellence in research, as well as the teaching and development of Counselling Psychology.
  • Promote relevance and excellence in the training of psychologists in Counselling Psychology in order to ensure high standards of service delivery.


INCENTIVES for Membership
What do members receive by becoming members?
  • Participation in SAACP programs and events.
  • Receive updates on recent developments in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  • Members share information on their work and achievements this will also inspire newly graduated counselling psychologists.
  • A sense of identity and community with colleagues with a common passion for advancing counselling psychology. This sense of community is visible in the division’s participation in the PsySSA annual congress, involvement in community projects and presenting awards to eligible members.
R150 per year

Full Member

R 150 per year


R 150 per year


R150 per year

Registered Counsellor & Psychometrist

R 110 per year

Psychology Intern

R 80 per year

Student Member

Prof. Megan Campbell
Dr. Phillipa Haine
Genevieve Burrow
Secretary & Treasurer
Kendall Byne-Ross
Additional Member
Sharon Melrose
Additional Member
Willem Pieters
Additional Member
SAACP Mental Health Panel Discussion


Board Exam Preparation Workshop 2022

Recognising the importance of being adequately prepared for the board exam of the registration categories as the final phase of training. Three divisions at the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA), the Division of Registered Counsellors and Psychometrists (RCP), Society for Educational Psychology South Africa (SEPSA), and South African Association of Counselling Psychologists (SAACP) are presenting a workshop on board exam preparation. The workshop will cover generally the Mental Health Care Act, the National Health Act more generally as it pertains to the three registration categories. The workshop will then cover category related issues that may appear in the board exam, including ethics, referrals, and cases.

Between Freedom and Confinement: A conversation with Professor Heidi Lourens on International Day of Persons with Disability

On this year’s International Day of Disabled Persons, Heidi’s reflections about how people living with disability are somewhere between freedom and confinement should awaken us all to how we treat, write, think, and engage with persons living with disabilities. We should also become increasingly mindful to the ways in which we may force person’s living with disability into confinement, denying them the freedom that able-bodied persons enjoy in their daily lives.

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