Climate and Environment Psychology (CEPD)


The aims of the Division

In addition to the objectives of PsySSA and the functions of divisions as expressed in Articles 2 and 13 respectively of the PsySSA constitution, the mission of the Climate and Environment Psychology Division is to be the hub of Southern African psychological research, action, practice, and public engagement about the affective relationship between humans and the environment, particularly for global concerns such as climate change. We recognise the continued influence of coloniality, capitalism, sexism, racism and other isms and the need to address social inequality intersectionally and contextuallyThe goals derived from this mission are to be achieved in cooperation with other PsySSA structures, other professional organisations, the general public, and governmental organisations. 

INCENTIVES for Membership
What do members receive by becoming members?
  • Access to cutting-edge research resources related to climate and environmental psychology 
  • Access to regular science communication through, for example, webinars, podcasts, and listservs 
  • Networking opportunities related to research, activism, and policy 
  • Opportunity to participate in community engagement and public advocacy activities 
  • Access to practical micro-skills training and continuous professional development opportunities 
  • Opportunity to inform and shape the way PsySSA engages on climate and environmental change in South Africa 
  • Right to participate and vote in PsySSA structures 
R50 per year

Full Member

R50 per year


R50 per year


R50 per year

Registered Counsellor & Psychometrist

R50 per year

Psychology Intern

R20 per year

Student Member

Prof. Brendon Barnes
Dr. Garret Barnwell
Additional Member
Dr. Lynn Hendricks
Additional Member
Dr. Stephanie Klarmann
Additional Member
Thandokazi Maseti
Additional Member
Shelot Masithi
Additional Member
Fatima Peters
Additional Member
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