Trauma and Violence Division (TVD)


The aims of the Division of Trauma and Violence of PsySSA:

In addition to the objectives of PsySSA and the functions of divisions as expressed in Articles 2 and 13 respectively of the PsySSA constitution, the mission of the TVD is to promote the minimisation of violence in society and psychological harm due to exposure to potentially traumatic events.  The TVD addresses this mission through the advancement and appropriate dissemination of scientific research that informs good preventative and ameliorative practice and the implementation of specific initiatives that addresses particular needs related to the prevention of violence or treatment of traumatic stress and related phenomena.  The goals derived from this mission are to be achieved in cooperation with other PsySSA structures, other professional organisations, the general public, and governmental organisation

INCENTIVES for Membership
What do members receive by becoming members?

The Trauma and Violence Division (TVD) aims to provide tailored offerings to members by connecting via interest polls each year. The data generated from our members’ responses informs our offerings – ensuring your voice is heard!

Offerings include:

  • Access to informative webinars covering topical areas, including complex trauma, community violence from a socio-political perspective, developmental trauma and more.
  • Workshops that advance knowledge in the treatment and management of trauma-related diagnoses, particularly within the South African context.
  • Opportunities to engage in a social responsibility project targeting vulnerable populations in an underprivileged community
  • Distribution of upcoming trauma-related seminars, conferences and workshops from external sources through member communication
  • The creation of a psychoeducational resource library available in various languages to assist the larger community
R50 per year

Full Member

R 40 per year


R 40 per year


R50 per year

Registered Counsellor & Psychometrist

R 40 per year

Psychology Intern

R 20 per year

Student Member

Lynne Richards
Lethu Nhlumayo
Bianca Barnard
Secretary & Treasurer
Daniel den Hollander
Additional Member
Sanele Nkosi
Additional Member
Ashley van Heerden
Additional Member
Leonie Vorster
Additional Member
Important emergency numbers

SAPS Emergency Services: 10111

Crime Stop: 08600 10111

Domestic violence Helpline: 0800 150 150

Childline: 116

Lifeline: 0861322322

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG): 0112344837

Suicide Crisis Lifeline: 0800567567

Trauma Helpline: 0800205026

Highlighted lectures and podcasts

Psychological First Aid

The Psychological First Aid Operations Guide was developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and National Center for PTSD. 

Psychological First Aid

The April 2022 Floods in KwaZulu-Natal

"As an organisation steeped in the sciences, PsySSA has raised its concerns over the impact of human behaviour on our environment, climate and weather patterns. As we witness the climate extremes in our country and globally, it is clear that this is a serious problem, and we add our voice to the call for greater international efforts to reduce the damage being inflicted on our planet.

We wish good health to all of our people, and especially those affected by the floods. We are holding those that have lost loved ones in our thoughts."

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