30th Anniversary Congress: Sponsorship Opportunities

30th Anniversary Congress: Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner with the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) for our momentous 30th Anniversary Congress, which is scheduled to take place from 8 to 11 October 2024. This landmark occasion commemorates three decades of excellence in psychology, making it the perfect platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional growth.

Join us in this historic celebration and benefit from the extensive exposure and engagement opportunities available through our tailored sponsorship packages. See our Sponsorship Prospectus below as it details a variety of options designed to maximize your brand’s visibility and align with your sponsorship goals.

DRM Divisional Webinar

DRM Divisional Webinar

Talanoa Methodology for Transformative Climate Action

On 9 May 2024, Dr Olivia Yates joined Fatima Peters for the first DRM Webinar of 2024, to discuss Dr Yates’s use of talanoa, a Pacific qualitative method/ology, in collaborative research on climate migration from Tuvalu and Kiribati to New Zealand. Dr Yates contextualised talanoa and explored the nuances of its use by non-Pacific peoples, like herself.

Dr Olivia Yates (she/her) is a New Zealand community psychologist with English, Irish and Scottish Ancestry. Her action-oriented PhD was focused on Pacific climate mobility and related policy solutions. She currently works for World Vision New Zealand in climate change advocacy as a policy and research advisor.

You can access the webinar recording on the DRM You Tube Channel here:


The 17th Biennial SACNA Conference

The 17th Biennial SACNA Conference

The 17th Biennial Conference of the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) will be held at The Capital Menlyn Maine, Conference Centre in Pretoria from 18 – 21 September 2024.

The conference focus is on Neuropsychology: Looking to the future.

SACNA invites you to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations, and symposiums, on all topics associated with the field of neuropsychological assessment, forensic neuropsychology, neuropsychological treatment and rehabilitation, and the issues unique to neuropsychological practice and research in South Africa.

Find out what’s new in neuropsychology, participate in discussions, share your experiences, engage with old colleagues and meet new ones, have fun with the social programme. Are you steeped in neuropsychology or simply curious? Then you don’t want to miss this!

The Pre-conference workshops take place on Wednesday 18 September. The Conference takes place on the 19 – 21 September 2024.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31 May 2024

Indigenous Healing and Psychotherapy Workshop

Indigenous Healing and Psychotherapy Workshop

Indigenous Healing and Psychotherapy

Date: Friday, 14 Jun 2024 at 09:00

Cost: R550.00

4 CPD HPCSA Clinical points

This presentation is based on an understanding of indigenous healing and also understanding the western perspective of how the two merge and also on how they can also be so different. In understanding indigenous healing we also get to understand our black patients and how they navigate their lifestyle and well being. While working with the self in psychotherapy we also need to learn on what healing entails for our black patients. The purpose of the workshop is to assist psychotherapists to develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous African people’s world view and how that might have a bearing on how they deal with life events including death, dying and grief.

Virtual reality workshop. Email ticket to: Nompumelelo.kay@gmail.com for the link

CEP Divisional Webinar

CEP Divisional Webinar

CEP Divisional Webinar: Art-Based Perceptual Ecology – an integrative approach to address critical bio-social issues

Topic: Art-Based Perceptual Ecology – an integrative approach to address critical bio-social issues.

Presenter: Dr Lee Ann Woolery (Citizen Artist Founder and Research Director)

Date: Monday, 20 May at 18h00

About this webinar:

Art-Based Perceptual Ecology (ABPE) is a transdisciplinary research methodology grounded in multimodal knowledge systems, sensory-based learning, and framed within biological and ecological principals, designed to study changes in ecological systems and address some of our most critical bio-social issues. Honoring multiple ways of knowing and hosting an expansive toolkit, disciplined practices that include embodied exploration, artmaking, and storytelling, ABPE acts as a bridge to connect places and people, creating a platform for underrepresented populations to be heard, with opportunities to transform science and policy. One ABPE project among others to be discussed is The Litmus Test Dress: A participatory research project exploring art-based discourse applicable to public environmental policy on global water initiatives that addresses issues of inequity in access and availability to potable water. Widely accessible for multigenerational and multicultural populations, no art or science background or skills are needed to participate in ABPE. www.citizen-artist.com

Registration should be completed via Zoom.

See the link below to register now!


Meet our Presenter!

Dr Lee Ann Woolery holds a PhD in environmental studies from Antioch University New England and a graduate degree in art therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With a focus on divergent ways of knowing, Woolery developed Art-Based Perceptual Ecology (ABPE) research methodologies, a transdisciplinary approach to conducting field-based ecological research that serves underrepresented populations. She has taught ‘Art-Based Research Methods’ at the University of Washington graduate program on Education, Environment and Community and the Ph.D. Sustainability Education program at Prescott College, AZ. She has co-led projects with American Indian youth, consulted on projects with Afro-Colombian women of the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia, S.A., and conducted research for National Geographic and National Parks. Currently as Founder and Research Director at Citizen Artist a participatory science research and education platform serving over 180 global stakeholders, she offers consulting and training in ABPE methods to investigate critical social-environmental issues.

30th Anniversary Congress Pre-Booking

30th Anniversary Congress Pre-Booking

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Deadline for Pre-Booking is tomorrow, 30 April 2024

The Congress will be held at Emperors’ Palace, in Johannesburg, South Africa from 8th to 11th October 2024. This historic congress, marking three decades of groundbreaking achievements and contributions, is not to be missed.

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