Celebrating 25 years

PsySSA celebrates 25 years of advancing psychology in South Africa. We’ve played a vital role in promoting well-being and improving lives. Our partnerships with esteemed organizations like the Canadian Psychological Association, Colombian Association of Psychologists, British Psychological Society, and others have strengthened our commitment to integrity, empowerment, and social justice. With gratitude, we extend our thanks to all who have contributed to our success. Together, we shape the future of psychology in South Africa and beyond.

Congratulations from our MoU partners…

The American Psychological Association (APA) extends is most heartfelt congratulations to Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on its 25th anniversary. APA is honored to have been an MOU partner with PsySSA since 1988 and recognizes the Society’s leadership in human rights, culturally-grounded research and practice, and advancements in psychology broadly. APA wishes PsySSA continued success and looks forward to many years of continued collaboration.  

American Psychological Association (APA)

Congratulation for your consistent work and significant contribution to advancing the science of psychology and push the profession forward to serve the clinical practice and the community at large. All the best and best wishes!!

Dr Aimée Nasser Karam

President, Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA)

Congratulations to the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) entering its 25th anniversary year. In this short period, the PsySSA has made extraordinary contributions for advancement of psychological science, practice and profession and has connected itself with psychological societies around the globe including the National Academy of Psychology-India (NAOP-India) to collectively serve humanity. The NAOP-India looks forward for greater collaboration and engagement with the PsySSA to develop higher potential of psychological science and applications. 

Prof Mewa Singh, University of Mysore

President , National Academy of Psychology-India (NAOP-India)

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of PsySSA. We are grateful for the immeasurable contribution of PsySSA to the world and the achievement.

Masao Yokota

President, JPA (the Japanese Psychological Association)

“The Swedish Psychological Association send our congratulations to the Psychological Society of South Africa on their 25th anniversary. We are impressed of the work you’ve done in promoting psychology as a science and as practice, and in the same time work for psychological and social wellbeing for the South African people. We look forward to the next 25 years and hope we can work together for psychology and for people’s needs.” Greetings and good luck with the preparations!

Anders Wahlberg

President , Swedish Psychological Association

The Zimbabwe Psychological Association (ZPA) joins PsySSA in celebrating their Silver Jubilee. We are proud of your 25 years of existence advancing the discipline of psychology not only in South Africa but beyond your borders. You have not only supported but complemented us in our endeavours to grow science practice and profession in the region and beyond.

Dr Edwin Nharirire

President, Zimbabwe Psychological Association (ZPA)

On behalf of Russian Psychological Society (RPS) I would like to extend to Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) our warmest congratulations as you celebrate a remarkable twenty-five years of service to people of your country, African continent and humanity worldwide. We are happy to witness PsySSA has become a highly recognised society to set and promote high standards of psychological science and practice in South Africa and beyond. PsySSA is a valuable partner for RPS and we believe in strengthening our ties through mutually beneficial research and applied projects as a part of MOU between our Societies.

On this very special occasion I would like to wish the 25th anniversary celebration of PsySSA to be a fruitful and memorable event and continued success in their future endeavours to PsySSA members and affiliates.

Yuri Zinchenko

President , Russian Psychological Society

It is with great pleasure and absolute admiration that the Botswana Association of Psychologists (BAPsy) wished to congratulate PsySSA on its 25th Anniversary. As an MoU partner with PsySSA, we continue to draw on your experiences, successes and common ideals for inspiration. We look forward to PsySSA’s contribution to growing the discipline in Africa especially during the next 25 years. Once again on behalf of our members and executive, I congratulate you and PsySSA on reaching this milestone.

Monde Kote

President, Botswana Association of Psychologists

On the occasion of the opening of the 25th PsySSA Annual Congress, I would like to extend, on behalf of the Chinese Psychological Society and in my own name, congratulations on the opening of the congress.

The Chinese Psychological Society (CPS), as one of the earliest established academic societies in China, was founded in 1921. Since becoming a member of the International Union of Psychological Science in 1980, the CPS has been taking an active part in the international arena. The main purposes of the CPS are to serve members across the country, promote scientific research and practice, and build a social psychological service system to respond to national strategies and meet the people’s needs.

 The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA), formed in 1994, has dedicated to the advancement of scientific psychology and its representation at the national and international level.

With sharing mutual objectives callings, following the principle of mutual respect and mutual trust, CPS is dedicated to deepen exchange and cooperation with PsySSA for the benefit of the discipline and profession of psychology and for the benefit of our respective communities.

 I wish the Congress a complete success.

Prof Xiaolin Zhou

President, Chinese Psychological Society

On behalf of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), I send our congratulations to the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on its 25th Anniversary. Psychologists world-wide have much to contribute to the health and well-being of individuals, families, workplaces and communities. The CPA wishes you much success in the days and years ahead in doing that work.

With congratulations and best wishes,

Dr Sam Mikail

President, Canadian Psychological Association

The Colombian Association of Psychologists -Colpsic would like to warmly congratulate the many accomplishments in promoting psychological praxis for the last 25 years. As International Memorandum of Understanding partners to PsySSA, we have had the opportunity to participate in their Newsletter PsyTalk which has shown us that there are more similarities than differences between psychology in our countries, and we have a shared view of a global psychology through south-south cooperation.  May South African Psychology, through the leadership of PsySSA, further advance psychology as a science and profession and continue promoting the wellbeing of society.

Bernardo Useche Aldana

President, The Colombian Association of Psychologists

On behalf of the British Psychological Society I would like to wish PsySSA and all its members a Very Happy 25th anniversary.

Since its beginnings in the post-apartheid democratic era, PsySSA has inspired psychologists around the world through its commitment to putting integrity, empowerment and social justice at the heart of its work, despite the challenges that have faced South Africa. BPS was delighted to sign a memorandum of understanding with PsySSA in 2001 and to award former PsySSA President Saths Cooper an Honorary Fellowship in 2013.

Your efforts to re-envision psychology so that it truly reflects, and respects, all of humanity and our diverse identities, have sent positive ripples across the whole world; from promoting culturally-informed therapy, re-tooling psychometric assessments to be fair and fit for purpose for all, encouraging research and praxis dialogue with traditional models of healing and your recent guidelines on working with sexually and gender diverse people, to name just a few.

The British Psychological Society celebrates your achievements and look forward to working with PsySSA over the next 25 years as you promote and develop psychology in South Africa and positively influence psychology around the world.

BPS is honoured to be invited to share your anniversary celebrations, and I look forward to seeing you in Jo’burg in September.

David Murphy

2019-20 President, British Psychological Society (BPS)

On behalf of the Congress, the Executive Council, and the Board of Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA), I congratulate Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on her 25 years of existence as a professional psychological association. The Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA) is pleased to associate and rejoice with PsySSA on this well-deserved occasion.

 Given our experience, the path of growth of professional Psychology in Africa is not a very smooth one. Occasioned by the fact that many allied professions established their presence in the continent much earlier and in many countries, pursued territorial incursions into areas best managed by psychologists, reclaiming the territories to provide competent, professional and evidence based services to the consuming public presents the picture of a struggle, yet it is emancipation, hope and freedom, in a word development. This for PsySSA is therefore a great achievement to the people of South Africa and to the scientific community at large.

As NPA wishes you the best in your worthy celebration, it is important to remind you of the need to deepen our commitment to the letters of the extant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PsySSA and NPA.  Coming from two significant countries in Africa, our larger roles of promoting the development of professional psychology in our continent and providing a voice from Africa to the globe are calls awaiting fulfilments. More than ever needed is the pursuit of the goals of Pan Africa Psychology Union (PAPU). Together, we shall serve the world through Africa.

Enjoy your achievements and best wishes from all psychologists in Nigeria.

Professor Michael Ezenwa, Ph. D.

Fellow & President, Nigerian Psychological Association

“Congratulations to the PsySSA for its 25th anniversary. 8 years ago, on September 14, 2011, PsySSA and the Psychological Association of Mozambique (PAM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding aiming at the advancement of psychology as a science, practice and a profession. On behalf of the PAM we want to reiterate our commitment to further advance the cooperation between PAM and PsySSA for the next 25 years.

Prof. Dr. Boia Efraime Junior

Member of the General Council of PMA, Psychological Association of Mozambique (PAM)

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) congratulates the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on their 25-year anniversary. The growth of psychology in South Africa is indicative of the increasingly important role of psychology across the world as we face many common human challenges. Psychology in Australia has much in common with our South African colleagues, including a focus on addressing conflict and the resultant trauma, poverty and homelessness, the vulnerabilities of our indigenous populations, climate change and natural disasters. As a result, we have much to share and learn from each other and we have very much valued the supportive relationship we have formed with PsySSA. We wish the PsySSA success over the next 25 years!

Ros Knight

President, The Australian Psychological Society

I am writing as President, on behalf of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), to congratulate the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on your 25th annual South African Psychology Congress.

PsySSA stands out on the international stage as an exemplar of an organisation committed to a truly representative psychological science as a means of serving humanity. In 25 years, PsySSA has moved our science in an impressive way forward – ensuring an African voice and experience is represented, and as a significant contributor to the global voice in terms of the science coming from Africa and the involvement of South African psychologists in the leadership of international organisations such as IUPsyS.

On a personal note, I first attended PsySSA in 2008, my experience then and subsequently has been a pleasure both in terms of the warm welcome and collegiality, but also the high standard and challenging content of the congresses.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend this year’s celebratory congress. I am sure that it will be a great success and I will be with you in spirit. I have copied this email to our Past President and Secretary-General who will be with you in Johannesburg and can ensure that the Union’s support is reiterated.

With very best regards and good wishes.

Prof Pam Maras

President, International Union of Psychological Science

In my dual capacity as vice President and President Elect for the Cameroon Psychology Association (CPA), I wish to assure you that its Members are aware of the great strides taken by the transformative leadership of PsySSA to ensure that Psychology in African through effective scientific orientations in its practices at service of humanity is addressing their wellbeing. This vision has been well expressed in the mission of PsySSA. CPA Congratulates PsySSA for its endeavours as it continuous to lead us all.  

Dr Lum Bobga Jacqueline

Vice President, Cameroon Psychological Association

Messages from our leaders…

Congratulations to PsySSA on its 25th Anniversary! This is an amazing milestone for Psychology in South Africa. PsySSA has succeeded in taking the discipline from its hurtful and divided past to new heights characterised by excellence, growth and international recognition.

Prof Anthony Pillay

My sincerest congratulations to PsySSA and its members on a truly remarkable achievement, viz. 25 years of continuous exceptional service to the South African and global psychology community and broader society. Over the past 25 years, PsySSA has been key to the development of psychology in the service of humanity in South Africa and further afield. It is an organisation that we can all justifiably be very proud of.

Prof Norman Duncan

Thank you, PsySSA, for 25 years of selfless service to Humanity in general and Psychology specifically. PsySSA’s ability to respond timeously and appropriately to change at various levels, to promote the wellbeing of people with vulnerability in particular, and to advance the goal of ensuring sustainable decent work for all people is inspiring and uplifting. All the best with the next 25 years of your journey towards shaping Africa’s imaginaries and Psychology’s and futures!

Prof Kobus Maree

Flying Psychology’s flag high nationally, continentally, internationally, PsySSA celebrate’s it’s Silver Anniversary. Let’s celebrate our common humanity together! 

Prof Saths Cooper

Congratulations to the Psychological Society of South Africa on its 25th birthday. In an age of instant gratification a quarter century of struggle, change, and achievements and lessons in a lesson in staying the course! Our respect to all the people who began this journey to fight racist, homophobic and sexist apartheid and colonial psychology, and everybody who has contributed in big and small ways to build an inclusive professional Society. May you have another quarter century of growth, learning, agility and accomplishment. South Africa and Africa needs your mental health expertise and wisdom.

Prof Kopano Ratele

Great work has been done by PsySSA over the years. I am very proud to have been associated with this noble organisation. Happy 25th anniversary to PsySSA!!

Prof Tholene Sodi

Thank you to PsySSA for a quarter of a century of representing the interests of the South African psychology fraternity so well. Still relatively young, the PsySSA I know is already fully established with a clear sense of direction to successfully navigate the many years that lie ahead.

Prof Juan Nel

With the support of its members and the broader Psychology community, PsySSA has surpassed its predecessors and celebrates its silver anniversary. It’s been 25 amazing years of building a unified, relevant and responsive psychology that encourages debate and diversity the African way. Here’s to the next 25 year’s of national and international Psychology representation!

Prof Sumaya Laher

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