About us

PsySSA was formed in January 1994, uniting the various bodies that existed until then.  PsySSA was structured as a transformed entity to deal with the fast-changing dispensation and speaks authoritatively on behalf of the discipline on matters concerning the mental health and psychosocial well being of all South Africans.  PsySSA has since it’s inception been dedicated to making a significant contribution to solving the pressing human development problems in South Africa.

PsySSA has dedicated its work to the construction and development of post-apartheid South African society.  The Society is also involved in ongoing negotiations with government, other legislative bodies, and the private and civil society sectors to contribute to issues affecting South Africa’s rapidly changing environment.  As the representative body of psychology professionals in the country, the Society lobbies for members and advocates for psychology as a vital science and relevant practice.  the society provides a valuable networking facility for all members.  PsySSA publishes the quarterly leading psychology journal in Africa, the South African journal of Psychology as well as PsyTalk.

The Society regularly liaises with local, national, regional and international structures to facilitate professional development and the exchange of ideas that underpin the discipline.  The PsySSA Annual South African Psychology Congress is the highlight of the South African scientific psychological calendar, attracting academics and practitioners from all over the country and abroad.

“As a voluntary professional Society, PsySSA not only welcomes initiative, but thrives on initiative and is driven by passion. PsySSA is, indeed, ‘us’ – ‘we’ are PsySSA.”


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