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Please note that the PsySSA student division website will become available on the 25 March 2009!
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Welcome to the PsySSA Student Division

Do you have an interest in psychology?
Are you on the path to becoming a Psychologist?
Do you wish to play a vital role in the future of your profession?
If you answered yes to any of these questions
Then this is for you…

All Psychology students deserve to be heard in this profession, as we bring in fresh ideas and challenge existing approaches. Our voices deserve to be heard, and the PsySSA Student Division is our tool.

What does the PsySSA student division offer students?

  • Information about changes and challenges currently facing psychology
  • Extension of your studies beyond the classroom
  • A necessary entrance into the profession
  • Opportunity to bring new dimensions and opinions to the profession
  • Opportunity to exert influence on what happens in the field and to have some bearing on new developments
  • A link to the international psychology community
  • Facilitation of communication between psychology students at different universities
  • Access to academic publications, including the SA Journal of Psychology (SAJP) and PsyTALK (PsySSA' s official e-newsletter)
  • Opportunity to publish articles in the Freudian Slip (student publication)
  • Opportunity to attend, as well as present your research at the Annual PsySSA congress at reduced rates.
  • As well as stand a chance to win the best student presentation award!
  • Up-to-date information on workshops, conferences and other professional events
  • Mentorship and support


    Don't hesitate. Contact us for further information!!!

  • Search for a Psychologist

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    PsySSA is the nationally representative professional body for psychology. Recognised internationally, PsySSA is committed to the transformation and development of South African Psychology to serve the needs and interests of all South Africa´s people. PsySSA advances psychology as a science, profession and as a means of promoting human well-being. PsySSA ensures quality of psychological services, safeguards ethical standards, builds professional relationships in South Africa and abroad, promotes collective bargaining for better remuneration, new work opportunities and conditions of service for psychologists, and provides numerous benefits to its members...

    Tel:: +27 11 486 3322
    Fax: +27 11 486 3266/77

    Email: info@psyssa.com

    click here to contact us

    Physical Address:

    Killarney Mall Office No. 110, First Floor
    Killarney Office Towers, 60 Riviera Road,
    Killarney, 2193

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