The Presidency, which includes the President, President-Elect and Past President, meets on a monthly basis in preparation for the Executive Committee meetings and to consult with the Executive Director regarding the short- and long-term objectives of the Society. The former includes the organisation’s day-to-day functioning and the latter involves its strategic planning and growth initiatives to ensure PsySSA’s position as the leading professional psychology association in the country and the continent.

President: Prof Garth Stevens

Garth Stevens is a Full Professor in the Department of Psychology, in the School of Human and Community Development, at the University of the Witwatersrand. He currently also serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. His abiding research interests have primarily been in the area of critical psychology – with an emphasis on race, racism and related social asymmetries; violence; and historical/collective trauma and memory. He has published widely in these areas, both nationally and internationally, and is also the co-lead researcher on the Apartheid Archive Project. He is a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and holds a B-rating from the NRF.

President – Elect: Prof Shahnaaz Suffla

Shahnaaz Suffla is a specialist scientist at the South African Medical Research Council-University of South Africa Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit, and Professor Extraordinaire at the University of South Africa. Her research interests draw from the intersections of critical African, community and peace psychologies, and are located within liberatory philosophies and epistemologies. Her thinking and scholarship is influenced by the vision of research as a transforming and humanising enterprise.

Past President: Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige

Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige is a registered educational psychologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology. She has been with the University of Johannesburg (previously RAU) since 1997 and Head of the Department since 2011. Her teaching responsibilities involve the ETHICAL professional practice development of school counselors on BEd Hons and educational psychologists on Master’s level.

She has supervised about 50 master’s students. Her main research focus is on community engagement in the form of service learning and professional practice supervision within this area. She has presented her and other’s research on national and international level and has published in books and journals.

Dr Dunbar-Krige was the secretary of the educational psychology division of the Psychological Association of South Africa as well as the secretary of the Educational Psychology Forum that focused on the change of focus in the Scope of Practice for educational psychologists. She was a co-opted member of the committee for preliminary inquiry for the Board for Psychology from 2012 until 2015.


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