PsySSA Strategic Plan

PsySSA Vision 2020

The Strategic Plan serves as a guide to prioritise and contextualise the work of the Society, informed by the needs of psychology professionals and developments within Psychology, the healthcare sector and South African society.

PsySSA want to hear from you, our members.

As the PsySSA Strategic Plan (2014-2018) concluded in September 2018, PsySSA is currently in the process of ¬†operationalising its Strategic Plan (2019-2022): Vision 2020. We are committed to transparency and inclusion throughout the process of creating a roadmap to guide PsySSA’s strategic actions. We therefore invite you to join us in the process of co-creating our strategic plan by sharing your ¬†points of view, priorities and hopes for Africa’s imaginaries and Psychology’s futures.

Please submit all feedback by 25 July 2019.

Get involved and keep moving PsySSA forward!

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