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30 June, 2021
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PsySSA Workshop Series: Workshop 3: The Assessment and Systemic Support of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige & SEPSA Executive Committee

Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige will be the workshop leader. Dr Dunbar-Krige was involved in a research project from 2016 to 2019 focusing on assessment and systemic support of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. This project was supported through an earmarked grant allocated as part of the Teaching and Learning Development Capacity Improvement Programme implemented through a partnership between the Department of Higher Education and Training and the European Union. Dr Dunbar-Krige was editor and contributor to a book on guidelines for assessment adaptation of specific learning disorders in 2017. She was a research supervisor for many doctoral and masters students in educational psychology that focused on neurodevelopmental disorders. The executive committee of the Society of Educational Psychology of South Africa (SEPSA) will participate as co-presenters. Within SEPSA, there are researchers and practitioners at universities, private practice, and at the Department of Basic Education with extensive knowledge and understanding of various neurodevelopmental disorders.

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