Webinar: Decolonial Feminist Ethics of Care

Co-hosted by the Institute of Social and Health Sciences and PsySSA - 17 May 2023 (18:00-20:00).
Webinar Abstract

This webinar, hosted by the Institute for Social and Health Sciences, University of South Africa and the Decolonising Psychology Division of the Psychology Society of South Africa, is based on a panel discussion with scholars located nationally and globally on the relevance of decolonial feminism in pushing back against the colonial academy. It will highlight the ways in which a decolonial feminist ethics of care has become crucial for liberatory scholarship. Moreover, it will feature the ways in which voice, agency and liberation constitute the ubuntu-centric practices of decolonial feminist scholarship. The webinar focus is aligned with the programmatic work of restorative justice against settler-colonialism. To this extent, we have invited colleagues from institutions based in the Global North and Global South to discuss how the objectives of a decolonial feminist ethics of care can reimagine decolonising scholarship. The panellists work in different disciplines with similar objectives of decolonising the curriculum.

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