Eric McAlister:

“As an up and coming first year student, I was very excited to be selected as a volunteer for the 25 PsySSA congress. I was privileged to meet some of the leading specialists in their fields, and I spent time speaking to the exhibitors to get a better understanding on what they offer. I was exposed to the current challenges in psychology and the success stories. 

I am looking forward to being a part of the psychology industry soon, and to make a difference to others. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.”

Nikita Ambaramo:

“Perfect Divine Timing- 25th Anniversary year Congress of PSYSSA. “It always seems impossible, until it is done”- Nelson Mandela.

I personally thought that I will not impact positively, however, this PsySSA journey ended successfully. Thanks to all the energies present amongst us. I believe success is not a destination but a journey, and this experience as a phenomenal journey – insightful, educational, transformational and interconnectional. This experience strengthened my belief in “Hold your vision, trust the process”. I look forward to the 2020 PsySSA Conference to create more memories, gain more knowledge and work again as a team.”

Tshepo Tumelo:

“Being on the volunteering team was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed the time we were given to network with delegates, the emphasis that was placed on us attending presentations, the open communication that was encouraged, the support we were given in completing our tasks and, of course, the food. It was evident that while we were brought on board to help, great emphasis was placed on our professional growth and we were treated with respect. Thank you PsySSA!”

Palesa Nthako:

“My experience at the Congress was amazing and life changing. I met the President of the British Psychological Society who introduced me to the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Psychological Association. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to meet and exchange contact details with members of APA. I am moving to the USA in the next few months and Congress has helped me build relationships with some of the people who are based in the USA too, which is amazing.”

Lynne Richards:

“PsySSA’s 25th Congress offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with professionals in the field, stay up to date with challenges facing the profession and engage with students throughout the country to address issues facing the discipline. I would like to thank PsySSA for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event and their commitment to assisting students to further their interests within the field. Congratulations on 25 years of excellence!”

Jesse Ashley:

“This year’s theme for PsySSA’s 25th Congress “Africa imaginaries” was an experience I will not be in a rush to forget. A gathering of psychology professionals deliberating through presentations, networking and most importantly using psychological findings in the African context to solve its problem was exceptional. I look forward to such an experience in the future as I develop myself in this profession.”

Genevieve Burrow:

“As this year’s volunteer coordinator, I had the privilege of experiencing Congress through our student volunteers’ eyes. Their enthusiasm was solely precipitated by PsySSA’s excellent planning and execution of Congress. Our volunteers expressed watershed moments, both personally and professionally, by attending Congress. This was the most rewarding experience and embodied our purpose. Furthermore, by working with PsySSA’s Executives, I witnessed the true unity that is PsySSA. The intense planning and coordinator of Congress opened my eyes to PsySSA’s dedication, and working in unison with the Executive team personified “PsySSA is, indeed, ‘us’ – ‘we’ are PsySSA.” Congratulations, it was an honour that I will forever hold dear.

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