PsySSA President-Elect, Prof Garth Stevens, made a convincing case for decolonising methods at the ‘Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences’ book launch. Prof Stevens reflected on the commodification of knowledge production and the need to examine the politics underlying all research. He commended the book editors for the diversity present in the book in terms of methods, case studies and contributors. Prof Brendon Barnes, Head of Department for Psychology at the University of Johannesburg and a chapter author for Transforming Methods was equally complimentary urging the audience to read the book moreso in light of recent events within the field that saw methods being in the spotlight. Due to questionable research and ethical practices. Prof Peace Kiguwa, chair of the PsySSA Gender and Sexuality Division and Associate Professor in the Wits Psychology Department, called for more reflexive practitioners and praised the book for engaging with the problematics of the researcher and the researched. PsySSA is proud to be associated with ‘Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences.’ Congratulations to Prof Sumaya Laher, Dr Angelo Fynn and Dr Sherianne Kramer for an excellent text!

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