Personality and Social Psychological Review (PSPR), the top-ranked journal in those subfields for the past decade, is beginning a new chapter.  While we will continue to publish impactful, integrative theory, we hope to usher in an era of publication aimed at socially-engaged work that expands the kinds of topics (and the kinds of authors!) who have typically published in the journal in the past.  In particular, we are seeking integrative theoretical scholarship that builds connections between personality and social psychology with other approaches across the broad field of psychology as well as approaches across the social sciences, other STEM fields, the humanities and arts, and to insights gleaned from applied work in the real world.  If you develop theory but haven’t thought of publishing in PSPR in the past, we hope you will give us another look.

For more information, please check out the editorial philosophy guiding this new chapter at the journal ( and the excellent work of our diverse editorial team (


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