Vista Nova School is looking for a qualified Registered Counsellor for a contract position. The role involves conducting psychological screening and interventions for primary school learners, administering select psychometric assessments, and contributing to support programmes. Additional responsibilities include assisting with admissions, managing learner orientation, and maintaining ethical records in compliance with HPCSA and WCED standards. The successful candidate will work collaboratively as part of a Multidisciplinary Team to support learners’ holistic well-being and academic success.

More about the school:

Vista Nova School in Cape Town specializes in educating learners with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities, focusing on maximizing their unique potential through tailored educational and therapeutic services. The school admits children from age 4 and offers a structured, routined day that includes smaller class sizes, learning support, and various therapies. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including class assistants, supports the learners in their daily activities and educational journey. The school’s principal emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education; the focus is on meeting the individual needs of each learner. Parents are advised to do thorough research and consult professionals when choosing a school that best suits their child’s unique needs.

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