About this workshop:

The field of internet-mediated research and arts based visual research has seen exponential growth in the last few years. There is a renewed interest in the nexus of ethics and internet mediated, in the wake of AI services like ChatGPT. This is a knowledge point that all researchers and practitioners, wanting to harness the power of the internet, need to master. New data opportunities, covering any topic, are available in diverse forms on multiple platforms; such as videos and text on TikTok, photo, stories, and captions on Instagram, threads of conversations and group discussions on Facebook, or trending topics with international feedback on Twitter. To stay current and be able to identify social narratives and perceptions, psychologists in all categories will benefit from acquiring expertise on how to navigate research on social media platforms and how to make sense of multimodal types of data. This workshop aims to demystify the challenges, successes, and innovations in internet mediated research methods, within an era of technological and internet reliance, while identifying relevant evidence based ethical considerations.

PsySSA Workshop Series 2023: Workshop 7: Contextualising ethics for internet mediated research in Africa

Meet our Presenters

Lynn Hendricks works in the Division of Health Systems and Public Health in the Department of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University and the Social, Methodological, Theoretical and Kreative research group in the Department of Social Sciences, KU Leuven. She is a practicing Research Psychologist and is a joint Global Minds PhD fellow at KU Leuven and Stellenbosch University. She is also the business owner of Research Ambition, a research consultancy, as well as the co-founder of, the Brackenfell-Kraaifontein Community Action Network, and Hearts in Action, a NPO focusing on gender-based violence and youth. She was the previous chair of the Ethic Committee (2009-2014) at Eduvos and has engaged in numerous studies using internet mediated research. She has a keen interest in creative, transdisciplinary, and co-productive research within communities.

Mr Kyle Jackson is the deputy HoD in the Department of Psychology at the University of the Western Cape, in which he lectures. He is a research psychologist and registered counsellor. He is currently completing his PhD on the experiences of fatherhood and high-risk pregnancy using an ethnographic, grounded theory approach. He teaches and supervises undergraduate, Honours and Masters level students.

Jill Cupido-Masters is the Founder and Director of the Student Development Centre. She currently works as a researcher at the Centre for Diversity in Psychology Practice, University of the Western Cape’s. Her 2018 Master’s degree was entirely conducted through digital methods and her interest peaked through that study. Jill is currently enrolled as a PhD student who is studying the learning of postgraduate students.

Shelley Ann Vickerman-Delport is a registered counsellor and a PhD candidate in the Child and Family Studies Unit. The focus of her PhD is to develop a needs analysis focusing on the health and well-being of maternal adolescents using the Human Capabilities Approach as a theoretical lens. She has also worked on projects that focus on HIV adherence, sex work and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Professor Michelle Andipatin is a full professor in the Department of Psychology.  Currently she holds the position of Deputy Dean Research in the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, at the University of the Western Cape (2023).  Her research focuses on the Psychology of Women’s Health in general and women’s reproductive health in particular.  Her focus has broadened to include issues relating to men and masculinities.  Other research interests include research methodology, holistic health, and healing.  Professor Andipatin also champions the emerging niche in Diversity/Inclusion and Psychological Interventions.  She chairs the board of an NPO called the Centre for Human Flourishing (C4HF). 


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