As a fully paid member of PsySSA you will have access to our online PsySSA MyCPD platform. PsySSA MyCPD will assist PsySSA members  manage their CPD points and ensure HPCSA compliance.

At no additional cost, you are able to read through articles from the South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP), answer associated questions, attain CPD Points and store Continuous Education Units (CEU) in the PsySSA MyCPD vault. You can obtain your full CPD points for the year through the SAJP questionnaires available on this platform.

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New MyCPD articles have been released!

Boonzaier, F. Kessi, S (2018) Centre/ing decolonial feminist psychology in Africa. South African Journal of Psychology 48(3), 299–309.

Kiguwa, P. Segalo, P (2018) Decolonising Psychology in residential and open distance e-learning institutions: critical reflections. South African Journal of Psychology48(3), 310–318

Canham, H (2018) Theorising community rage for decolonial action. South African Journal of Psychology, 48(3), 319–330


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