PsySSA - FNB Professional Indemnity cover 2020 inclusive of Online Therapy

As a membership benefit PsySSA offers its members the most cost-effective Professional Indemnity Insurance available in the market, designed exclusively for psychology professionals at a discounted price through FNB/ iTOO.

FNB has built the question of online therapy into the proposal form, if a psychology professional conducts online therapy there is a questionnaire that needs to be completed which is then sent to the Insurer for their further terms and conditions.

There is an additional premium charged depending on the percentage of online therapy done and an additional excess.

The two platforms that the Insurer recommends is Zoom or Hush any other platforms are excluded.

Due to the COVID – 19 outbreak each case is being viewed separately and underwriting terms and conditions applied accordingly.

For information on an application for PsySSA professional Indemnity please click here or contact


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