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  Mobile number:0738767110
 Landline: 0738767110
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:0829297218
 Landline: 0214480050
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:846434501
 Landline: 846434501
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:732563785
 Landline: 732563785
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:729595053
 Landline: 729595053
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:723764776
 Landline: 794652624
  Western Cape

Ms Ilhaam Solomons

Client Focus: Adolescents Adults Couple...
  Mobile number:839612496
 Landline: 899612496
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:741487584
 Landline: 021 975 2230
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:829765891
 Landline: 216503900
  Western Cape

Ms Heleen Loubser

Client Focus: Adults and Teenagers
  Mobile number:731411153
 Landline: 021 9756363/4
  Western Cape

Ms Johanna Marie Botha

Client Focus: Adults
  Mobile number:791026425
 Landline: 791026425
  Western Cape

Mr Umesh Bawa

Clinical, Research
Client Focus: Child, adolescent and adu...
  Mobile number:822023211
 Landline: 021-9592487/2283
  Western Cape

Ms Judith Grant

Client Focus: Warm, empathic
  Mobile number:722525646
 Landline: 216836517
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:828735475
 Landline: 219364159
  Western Cape
Sanche Nel

Ms Sanche Nel

Client Focus: Adults, youths, and adole...
  Mobile number:834470224
 Landline: 834470224
  Western Cape

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