Today is the last day for pre-booking registration for the 24th Annual Psychology Congress.

National events over the past year have highlighted numerous instances of abject disregard for human rights in the context of mental health care, education and respect for the dignity of persons. Twenty three years into democracy, social injustices continue in the form of gender-based violence, homophobia and racism among others. As a discipline, psychology is extremely concerned about events like the Life Esidimeni tragedy, the case of Michael Komape who drowned in a pit toilet at a government school and several other human rights violations characterising present day society.

Against this background, the 24th Annual South African Psychology Congress will be hosted in Johannesburg from 11 to 14 September 2018. The theme of the congress is Mamela Psychology. ‘Mamela’ is a Sesotho word meaning “listen”. This indigenous term wonderfully captures the essence of the discipline. The congress will focus on psychology’s role…to listen with humility and act with integrity

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Only 3 Days until Abstract Submission Closes

The Congress Committee welcomes presentations that focus on the congress theme and general areas of relevance to psychology. Submissions of scholarly and practice-oriented presentations, research posters and symposia are invited. The congress will showcase how the discipline can listen with humility and act with integrity through a wide range of voices.

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