PsySSA member Practice Management System

Datamax Panacea Practice Management System

In current modern day life, it has become essential to focus on effective management systems to ensure a high standard of administration for one’s clients and oneself. In this regard to assist our members, operate their private practices more efficiently and cost-effectively PsySSA has established a partnership with Datamax Panacea, one of South Africa’s most established Practice Management Software systems.

Members using this system can source their medical aid software and switching claims from one company. In this way, it rids members of the traditional ‘blame game’ when claims sent to the medical aid electronically gets ‘lost’. Datamax Panacea offers the most affordable switching fees currently available in South Africa at R3.95 per claim. PsySSA has negotiated an additional exclusive benefit for members in that the monthly licence fee has been waived for the first 3 months of signing up with Panacea.

As a prospective user, this amounts to a saving of approximately R1400 for our members. We also appreciate the fact that Panacea provides our members with flexibility and are not locked into a contract and thus can end the arrangement at any time.

The Datamax Panacea system has been tried and tested by one of our Executive Members (Mr Rafiq Lockhat) whom has been using it for the past 20 years. Clients have mentioned excellent and seamless service. One among many other benefits is that the system automatically updates all the various medical aid rates annually, thus members no longer have to concern themselves about new rates and adjustments.

For further information about various other benefits of Panacea please see contact details below:
 086 086 4878

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