PsySSA Strategic Plan: Vision 2020

PsySSA want to hear from you, our members. As the PsySSA Strategic Plan (2014-2018) concluded in September 2018, PsySSA is currently in the process of  operationalising its Strategic Plan (2019-2022): Vision 2020. We are committed to transparency and...

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Youth Day, 16 June 2019

The 16th of June is a public holiday. On this say we appreciate an extra day off work or school, but it is important that we reflect on the significance and meaning behind this day.Youth Day honours and pays tribute to the memory of brave school children...

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In Memoriam: Fons van de Vijver (1952-2019)

The renowned Dutch cross-culture psychologist, Alphonsius Josephus Rachel (Fons) van de Vijver  suffered a brain haemorrhage on 1 June while he was cycling near his home in the village of Maidenwell, Brisbane, Australia. He was airlifted to the Princess...

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This communication serves to update the profession on the Scope Review process.

This communication serves to update the profession on the Scope Review process.
PsySSA submitted the feedback on the Scope of Practice on the 12th of December 2018.
The Board for Psychology at the Health Professions Council has responded that they cannot release a statement without the Minister of Health approving the HPCSA Council recommendation made on the outcome of the scope review process.

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IUPsyS Executive Committee extend date for nominations for the IUPsyS 2020 Awards until 01 July 2019

We’re pleased to advise that the IUPsyS Executive Committee agreed to extend the date for nominations for the IUPsyS 2020 Awards until 01 July 2019.

The quadrennial IUPsyS awards are:
* Major Advancement in Psychological Science Prize
* Achievement Against the Odds Award
* Lifetime Career Award
* Young Investigator Awards

The awardees will be honoured at the Opening Ceremony of the next ICP in Prague, Czech Republic on Sunday 19 July next year. Further information and nomination forms can be accessed at:

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About us

PsySSA is the nationally representative professional body for psychology. Recognised internationally, PsySSA is committed to the transformation and development of South African Psychology to serve the needs and interests of all South Africa´s people...Read More
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