The HPCSA have extended the closing date by a week (to 16 September) to accommodate all the practitioners who did not receive the original email. They are also loading hundreds of new email addresses as they come in.

If you have not yet completed the survey please do so as soon as possible.


Please note re the HPCSA Survey

The link you have received through email is unique, which means that people can only complete the survey once. If people have not received the email directly, they can contact Portia Khati (PortiaK@hpcsa.co.za) with “HPCSA Survey” in the message line to ensure that it is attended to quickly. This allows the HPCSA to update their records (many practitioners have ignored the repeated invitations to ensure that their contact details are up to date) and their email address will be added to the distribution list so that they receive an invitation to complete the survey.

PsySSA calls on its members to respond to HPCSA survey

Dear member

You have the potential to effect change in the discipline of Psychology. Please respond to the survey request sent out by the Professional Board of Psychology at the HPCSA (see below)

Join the effort for constructive change in the discipline. Complete the survey and let the Board hear your voice.

Please fw this message to other psychology professionals urging them to respond

The PsySSA Executive

You have until the 9th of September 2016 to complete the survey.









Dear registered psychology practitioner,


The Health Professions Council of South Africa is proud to announce the first comprehensive survey of psychology practice in South Africa.

The survey is aimed at all registered psychologists, psychometrists and registered counsellors. The purpose of the survey is to compile a profile of what psychology practitioners do (their work content), who they engage with (their clients and other professionals) and where they do it (their work context).

Among other things, the survey results will enable the Council to assess the extent to which the supply of psychological services actually meet the demand for such services in the country. The results will assist the Council to take a pro-active approach to (1) assess the state of access to psychological services in South Africa; (2) determine the current competency profiles of psychology practitioners; (3) establish whether the education and training (including CPD training) of psychology professionals need to be adjusted to meet the needs for psychological services in the country; (4) ensure that an adequate number of psychology practitioners is trained over the next ten years.

It is therefore extremely important that you contribute to this project of the Council by completing the survey. The higher the response rate to the survey, the more of a true reflection will be obtained of the range of activities, contexts and clients that psychologists engage with.

Completion of the survey is voluntary and is not expected to take you more than 15 minutes or so. Please note: An independent service provider has been contracted to conduct the survey on behalf of the HPCSA. Your participation in the survey will therefore be totally anonymous. No person affiliated with the HPCSA will be able to identify the results of any respondent. There is no particular interest in any individual practitioner’s work content or work context.

As a small compensation for your inconvenience, all completed surveys will be entered into a random draw and three participants will receive a full fee remission for the 2017 annual HPCSA fees. For this purpose, you are invited to include your email address and your registration number, but please note that all identifying information will be removed from the dataset before that data is made available to the Professional Board for Psychology. The independent service provider will manage the random selection of the three prize winners. And as mentioned above, your actual responses will remain anonymous.

The survey research has received ethical approval from the Rhodes University Ethical Standards Committee on 11 July 2016 (RU-HSD-16-05-0004). For more information, please contact the ethics committee at ethics-committee@ru.ac.za

For further information about the survey and the use of the data, please contact Professor Charles Young, Department of Psychology, Rhodes University and member of the Professional Board for Psychology at c.young@ru.ac.za or 046 603 8541.

You have until the 9th of September 2016 to complete the survey. The survey is of an on-line format and can be accessed by following the link provided below. Please be advised the by clicking on this button you indicate that you consent to participating in the research.

A unique link has been sent to you via your email. Please use this link to access the survey. 

Please utilise this opportunity to help the Council to optimise the rendering of psychological services to all the people of South Africa. You are also requested to encourage your fellow psychology practitioners to do likewise by completing the questionnaire.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Charles Young
Chairperson of the Scope of Practice Task team
Professional Board for Psychology

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