On 24 February, Mr. Muhammed Yaeesh Cassim, Vice-Chairperson of the PsySSA Student Division, was invited by Dr. Sello Motuang to discuss Epilepsy on SABC 2’s Health Talk. Muhammed, joined by Prof. Girish Modi, discussed the stigma, discrimination and stereotypes which typically surround Epilepsy. He additionally shared his experience of living with Epilepsy, and how he became actively involved in Epilepsy advocacy.

Muhammed is also the Vice-Chairperson of Epilepsy Awareness South Africa (EASA). This organisation aims to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the treatable nature of Epilepsy; ensuring citizens understand that persons with Epilepsy are able to live long, prosperous lives.

See  Mr. Muhammed Yaeesh Cassim on SABC 2 below:

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