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Membership Benefits

PsySSA Membership Benefits

Commissioner, Public Service Commission, other Government Departments, Business, as well as the Professional Board for Psychology. It is through the activities of PsySSA that, psychologists received an unprecedented significant tariff increase over the years from R161.00 in 1996 to R 417.70 (Excluding VAT) in 2007. More recently, PsySSA has made representation to the HPCSA through the ministerial investigation into the HPCSA regarding the annual registration fees paid by psychologists, the frequent administrative hassles encountered by our members in dealing with the HPCSA and the consistent misinformation on the HPCSA website. PsySSA has also been in discussion with several medical aids regarding recent decisions by certain medical aids not to reimburse certain categories of psychologists for services rendered. Furthermore, PsySSA has also been in discussions with medical aids, during the COVID-19 National Lockdown period, to ensure practitioners received reimbursements for all Tele-Mental Health related work.

Further benefits include the following:

  • • Free access to the South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP), the major scientific psychology journal in Africa
    • Free access to the African Journal of Psychological Assessment – AJOPA
    • Free access to PsyTalk, the Society’s Newsletter
    • Free online access to a number of Psychology journals published by SAGE
    PsySSA is currently in negotiating the possibility of bringing two other journals under the ambit of PsySSA for its members
    • Free access to PsySSA’s online MyCPD platform where members can earn most of their CEU Points from the comfort of their home
    • Free access to all PsySSA CPD Accredited Webinars
    • Reduced fees for workshops and PsySSA activities, all of which are CPD-accredited
    • Reduced fees for the Annual National Psychology Congress, the flagship for psychology as a science and profession in South Africa
    • Free Ethics Committee advice and resolution of issues
    • The most cost-effective Professional Indemnity Insurance available on the market, designed exclusively for psychology professionals at a discounted price through FNB/ iTOO
    • Free listing and regular referrals through the PsySSA Directory of Psychology Professionals in Private Practice
    • Networking activities throughout the country and internationally
    • Negotiating for better work conditions and fees for psychology professionals
    • American Psychological Association (APA) member rates for APA convention registration, APA databases, and APA books and journals

    PsySSA enjoys a relationship with the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) and is a member of the International Test Commission (ITC). Similarly, we also have good working relations with various other international and national Psychology bodies, such as the International Association of Applied Psychology and the International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology. The Society has signed Memorandum of Understandings with 31 Associations, regularly liaising with local, national and international structures to facilitate professional development and the exchange of ideas that underpin the discipline.

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