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Membership Exemption

PsySSA Exempt Membership Requirements

PsySSA recognises retirement of members and offers exempt membership to these members provided the requirements listed below are met, prior to exempt membership being approved.

Definition of exempt member, as per PsySSA Constitution

Exempted Members are members in good standing for at least five (5) consecutive years, who apply after retirement to the Treasurer for exemption from the payment of annual dues and may be granted such status on terms determined by Council.

Process for exempt membership application

  • A member must be retired at time of application.
  • A member must have held five (5) consecutive years of active membership and in good standing.
  • A member shall write a formal request in a letter addressed to the Treasurer, detailing the reasons for the application, and email the letter to
  • The outcome of the application shall be communicated via email to the applicant, from the Treasurer, within one calendar month of receipt of application.
  • Should the application be approved, the Treasurer in their response email, shall outline the process to be completed by the newly exempted member for successful activation of membership.


By order: PsySSA Council

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