Membership Categories

The Society makes provision for the following membership:  

AffiliatesPersons with an interest in or working in the field of psychology or related areas.
AssociatesPersons with an Honours or a Bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology.
Exempted MembersMembers in good standing for at least five years, who apply after retirement to the Treasurer for exemption from the payment of annual dues and may be granted such status on terms determined by Council.
FellowsFull Members who have made an outstanding contribution to psychology and are proposed for this honour by Council or a Division of the Society; Hereinafter, all references to full members shall include Fellows.
Foreign AffiliatesPersons living abroad who are members of an acknowledged foreign psychological association and/or who can provide proof of qualifications in the field of psychology as required by Council.
Full MembersPersons with at least a Master’s degree in psychology and shall include Fellows and Honorary Members.
Honorary MembersPay no dues, need not be psychologists, and have this distinction bestowed upon them at the recommendation of Council, ratified by the AGM.
Psychology InternPersons currently completing or have completed an accredited internship programme prior to registration as a professional psychologist.
Registered Counselors / PsychometristsA Registered Counsellor is the entry-level category within professional psychology that offers low-intensity psychological interventions and assessment to individuals and groups to prevent and alleviate psychological challenges and /or enhance psychological functioning and wellbeing. A Psychometrist is a psychological practitioner that performs psychometric assessments in a variety of contexts.
Student MembersCurrently registered students of psychology at the undergraduate, Honours or Masters level, and registered interns.
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