Membership 2019


Dear Prospective Member

In reflection of 25 years since PsySSA’s inception, the Society has undergone exponential growth characterised by a long, evolutionary journey. PsySSA has not endeavoured primarily for success but for value. Thus, in celebration of PsySSA’s 25th anniversary, members will benefit from a highly valuable, inexpensive membership package. With membership fees at only R96.00 per month, it is true to say that the benefits far exceed the cost.

This year PsySSA members will receive free access to our flagship journal (the South African Journal of Psychology), our quarterly society newsletter (Psytalk) and The South African Depression and Anxiety Group’s journal (Mental Health Matters). Additional package benefits include exceptionally low-cost professional indemnity insurance; and an online MyCPD platform with CPD activities made available to members throughout the year. As a gesture from PsySSA, members will receive the 24th Congress registration fee as the registration fee for the 25th Anniversary Congress (no increase in Congress Fees for 2019).

Noting the increased membership over the past year it is clear that there is an over-riding confidence in the Society, even in these difficult times. We are appreciative of the support of our members and look forward to continuing our work together.

PsySSA is, indeed, “us”- “we” are PsySSA and we welcome your engagement! We look forward to a reflective and rewarding 2019 with you.

Kindly note* – There will be NO REFUNDS, once you have paid your PsySSA Membership fees.

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