More, more, more … for PsySSA’s 30th Anniversary

Since PsySSA’s inception 30 years ago, the society has undergone exponential growth. Throughout its evolutionary journey, PsySSA endeavors to bring value and an exciting range of benefits to its members in this commemorative year.

Further Benefits in PsySSA’s 30th Anniversary Year:

  • As a gesture from PsySSA, members will receive 2023 rates for 2024 Membership and Congress registration.
  • Professionals in private practice can enjoy free listing and regular referrals through our recently renovated PsySSA Directory of Psychology Practitioners.
  • Exceptionally low-cost professional indemnity insurance.
  • Free access to all PsySSA CPD webinars and PsyCPD journal-accredited platforms.
  • PsySSA CPD Workshops Series at 2023 rates.
  • Mark your calendars for the Congress celebratory gala dinner, on the 8th October.
  • A special issue of SAJP, where we reflect on the evolution of South African psychology, honoring both our victories and learning from our setbacks.

We are appreciative of the support of our members and look forward to celebrating our milestone year with you. Stay tuned for even more benefits and opportunities coming your way!

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