The Cape Winelands Education District is offering a contract employment opportunity for a Psychologist. This full-time position, from May 1, 2024, to October 31, 2024, involves providing psycho-educational services to approximately 23-25 schools. Requirements include a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Educational, Counselling, Clinical), HPCSA registration, education qualification and experience, and a valid driver’s license. Key responsibilities include training, developing preventative programs, implementing inclusive policies, and providing specialized support. Interested candidates should email their CV, qualifications, HPCSA registration, driver’s license, and testimonials by March 15, 2024. This position offers a great opportunity to gain experience in the education sector.

The Cape Winelands is a region characterized by a diverse mix of rural and urban areas. This unique setting presents a variety of educational environments and challenges, requiring a psychologist to be adaptable and resourceful. In rural areas, access to resources and services may be limited, necessitating innovative approaches to deliver psychological support. Urban areas, on the other hand, might offer more resources but also present different sets of challenges such as higher learner densities and a broader range of socio-economic backgrounds. Working in the Cape Winelands offers a valuable opportunity to make a significant impact across different community settings, enhancing educational outcomes and well-being for a wide range of learners, schools, and communities.

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