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HPSIG Podcast: Chronic pain advocacy in South Africa

by Prof Sean Chetty

In this podcast, we speak to Professor Sean Chetty, Associate Professor and Executive Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care at Stellenbosch University. In this podcast, Prof Sean Chetty discusses the complexities of defining chronic pain and describes important considerations that are taken into account when evaluating pain experienced by individuals. In addition, he discusses the novelty with which individuals experience pain and the lack of resources available to treat chronic pain patients in South Africa. Prof Chetty goes on to discuss how chronic pain can affect the health and well-being of these patients as well as potential coping strategies that may aid in pain management. Furthermore, he discusses potential strategies that can and are currently being utilised to increase awareness and advocacy for those who experience chronic pain in South Africa. Lastly, Prof Chetty discusses how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the treatment and management of chronic pain in South Africa .
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