2023 Webinars

PsySSA Webinar Series 2023

Psychologies of Africa

African-centred philosophies and imaginaries have always been able to respond to the challenges faced by diverse populations on the continent. For a long time Africa has been subjected to imperialist designs and influences, contributing to persisting and plural injustices. Indeed, Africa has her own historical, epistemological and social frames of reference and realities, and thus imperatives and horizons, urging the reclamation, constitution and enactment of psychologies from and for Africa. The 2023 PsySSA Webinar Series aims to foster and deepen dialogues and exchanges that privilege Africa(n)-located perspectives and praxes, drawing inspiration from decolonial and indigenous psychologies in particular. The Webinar Series will engage a multiplicity of knowledges, traditions and narratives that are already reimagining psychology in alignment with the continent’s realities and priorities.

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