On 29 November 2017, The Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre together with Gay and Lesbian Archive (GALA) hosted the book launch by author and Executive Member of the Sexuality and Gender division (PsySSA), Melanie Judge. The book titled, Blackwashing Homophobia: Violence and the Politics of Sexuality, Gender and Race is published by Routledge and forms part of the Critical Psychology Book Series. Melanie Judge was in conversation with Peace Kiguwa (Chair of the Sexuality and Gender Division). The conversation focused on critically interrogating the intersections of homophobia-related violence with race, gender and class. Critiquing the prevailing discourses through which violence against black lesbians in particular is understood, the discussion highlighted the importance of unraveling the power knowledge regimes through which black queer identities and experiences are made legible. In their conversation, Judge and Kiguwa discussed possibilities and urgency involved in reimagining the discursive lenses through which we theorize homophobia-related violence as well as the complex and at times contradictory relationship that queer activism has with the law. The discussion ended with an interrogation of possibilities of resistance and interrogating the meanings of queer freedom – critiquing global homonormative constructs and representations of queer life and freedom – and the radical practices of speaking back to dominant representations as part of resistance.

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