The South African Association for Counselling Psychology (SAACP)

Objectives of the Division:

The South African Association for Counselling Psychology of PsySSA aims to:

  1. Enhance the relationships between psychologists in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  2. Promote the professional practice and status of the Counselling Psychologist.
  3. Render various types of relevant, accessible and affordable services that are efficient and effective to individuals, groups, organisations and communities, whereby human development and mental health, as well as the development of organisations and communities may be enhanced.
  4. Improve the relationships between registered psychologists on the one hand and members of other professions, organisations, and the general public on the other hand.
  5. Collect and disseminate information regarding Counselling Psychology to all interested parties.
  6. Promote excellence in research, as well as the teaching and development of Counselling Psychology.
  7. Promote relevance and excellence in the training of psychologists in Counselling Psychology in order to ensure high standards of service delivery.

Incentives for Divisional membership and details of costs

In addition to full PsySSA benefits, members will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participation in SAACP programs and events.
  • Receive updates on recent developments in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  • Members share information on their work and achievements this will also inspire newly graduated counselling psychologists.
  • A sense of identity and community with colleagues with a common passion for advancing counselling psychology. This sense of community is visible in the division’s participation in the PsySSA annual congress, involvement in community projects and presenting awards to eligible members.

Details of costs:

Full Member Associate Affiliate Students
R150.00 R150.00 R150.00 R80.00

Social Media Links:

Division Contact details:

Chair: Ms Geraldine Franciscus  geraldinef@cornerstone.ac.za

Vice-Chair: Dr Sipho Dlamini siphodlamini72@gmail.com

Secretary: Ms Sharon Melrose sharon@smelrose.co.za

Treasurer: Ms Yoliswa Bomela yolisa.bomela@ecdoe.gov.za

SAACP Executive Committee Members

Chairperson: Ms Geraldine Franciscus

Geraldine Franciscus is a Counselling Psychologist registered with the HPCSA and currently the Chair of the South African Association of Counselling Psychology (SAACP). She is the Head of Psychology Department and a Senior Psychology Lecturer at Cornerstone Institute, a private higher educational institution (NPO) based in Cape Town. She has been a Psychology Lecturer for 19 years and involved in academic planning and management since 2010. Geraldine has also been involved in setting up student counselling services, offering therapy, facilitating groups, mentoring and supervision to Honours and Master’s psychology students, interns and Registered Counsellors. Geraldine facilitates psycho-educational and HPCSA accredited CPD workshops for psychology professionals, NGO’s, teachers, mental healthcare workers, occupational therapists, and psychiatric nurses and social workers. She has a special interest in Brain Working Recursive Therapy and Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and its application in the South African context.
Geraldine has also been involved in collaborative research and conference papers that have been presented at PsySSA Congresses. Some of this research has resulted in an article being published in the International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy: “Assessing the Impact of Outcomes-Based Education, Family Dynamics, and Psychosocial Stressors on Student Academic Adjustment in South Africa”. She is passionate about promoting community mental health and emotional well-being. Geraldine is currently pursuing PhD studies

Vice-chairperson: Mr Sipho Dlamini

Sipho Dlamini is the Vice Chair and executive member of the South African Association of Counselling Psychologists (SAACP) a division of the Psychology Society of South Africa (PsySSA). He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. Sipho is a registered Counselling Psychologist, who trained at Rhodes University. He completed his internship at the Rhodes University Student Counselling Centre. Prior to doing his Master’s training, he worked with children on the Autism Spectrum. In 2017 he registered for a PhD in Psychology with the University of South Africa, focusing on the training of psychologists, which he completed in 2020. Over the period of completing his PhD, Sipho gained experience working in community settings: designing, conducting, and evaluating community-based programs. He also has interests in Africa(n)-centred psychology; higher education; the history and philosophy of psychology; and Critical Race Studies.

Secretary: Ms Sharon Melrose

Sharon Melrose is registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the HPCSA and is an executive member of SAACP and serves as the division’s Secretary.  In 2004 she enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Stellenbosch and in 2006 obtained her Master’s degree (cum laude). She completed her internship with an NGO in 2005 in both clinical and counselling settings and remained employed by the NGO offering counselling services at a number of schools in the area, and worked very closely with the local social workers. At the same time, she rendered services at a local FAMSA branch, gaining rich and diverse experience in dealing with family related matters while building up her private practice. Sharon qualified as a mediator with FAMAC and is very actively involved in the drafting of parenting plans to guide parents going through the process of divorce and separation.

Currently Sharon is a faculty member at Cornerstone Institute where she lecturers in Family Psychology and Psychometric Assessments. She also supervises postgraduate psychology students in addition to offering supervision to Registered Counsellors and fellow psychologists. Sharon has been in private practice for more than 10 years. Over the years, she has developed a diverse multi-disciplinary network, and thoroughly enjoys engaging with a variety of professionals to ensure the best approach for each client and each situation.

Treasurer: Yolisa Bomela

Yolisa Bomela is a Counselling Psychologist registered with HPCSA and the Treasurer for the SAACP division. She started her career as a teacher in numerous schools in the Eastern Cape. After 10 years of teaching she left the classroom to take up positions in administration until she finally left the Department of Education in February 2020.

Her previous research was in the field of Inclusive education under the Supervision of the Distinguished Professor Catriona Macleod at Rhodes University. The research title is Teachers Talk about Inclusion: A Comparative Discursive study. She is currently a PhD student in the Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction. Her research topic is The Maternal Health Service Nexus and Teenage Mothers: A Foucauldian Ethnographic Analysis.


Feltham-King, T., Bomela, Y., & Macleod, C. (2018). Contesting the nature of young pregnant and mothering women: Critical healthcare nexus research, ethics committees, and healthcare institutions. The Palgrave Handbook of Ethics in Critical Research. pp: 63-79

Student Representative and Social Media coordinator: Ms Genevieve Burrow

Genevieve Burrow is a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology and Criminology, and serves as the Student Representative and social media coordinator for the SAACP, in addition to her role as Vice-chairperson of the PsySSA Student Division.

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