The South African Association for Counselling Psychology (SAACP)

Objectives of the Division:

The South African Association for Counselling Psychology of PsySSA aims to:

  1. Enhance the relationships between psychologists in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  2. Promote the professional practice and status of the Counselling Psychologist.
  3. Render various types of relevant, accessible and affordable services that are efficient and effective to individuals, groups, organisations and communities, whereby human development and mental health, as well as the development of organisations and communities may be enhanced.
  4. Improve the relationships between registered psychologists on the one hand and members of other professions, organisations, and the general public on the other hand.
  5. Collect and disseminate information regarding Counselling Psychology to all interested parties.
  6. Promote excellence in research, as well as the teaching and development of Counselling Psychology.
  7. Promote relevance and excellence in the training of psychologists in Counselling Psychology in order to ensure high standards of service delivery.

Incentives for Divisional membership and details of costs

In addition to full PsySSA benefits, members will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participation in SAACP programs and events.
  • Receive updates on recent developments in the field of Counselling Psychology.
  • Members share information on their work and achievements this will also inspire newly graduated counselling psychologists.
  • A sense of identity and community with colleagues with a common passion for advancing counselling psychology. This sense of community is visible in the division’s participation in the PsySSA annual congress, involvement in community projects and presenting awards to eligible members.

Details of costs:

Full Member


Affiliate Students
R150.00 R150.00 R150.00 R80.00

Social Media Links:

  • Email: 
  • Website:
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Division Contact details:

Chair: Ms Geraldine Franciscus  geraldinef@cornerstone.ac.za

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Ms Sharon Melrose sharon@smelrose.co.za

Treasurer: Vacant

Additional member: Dr Neo Pule npule555@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Thandeka Mateza mateza.sm@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Yoliswa Bomela yolisa.bomela@ecdoe.gov.za

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