Psychology in Public Service (PiPS)

Objectives of the Division:

The aims of the Division of Psychology in Public Service (PiPS) of PsySSA:

In addition to the objectives of PsySSA and the functions of divisions as expressed in Articles 2 and 12.4 respectively of the PsySSA Constitution, the mission of PiPS is to promote the work interests and conditions of psychology professionals in the public service sector. PiPS aims to address this mission in consultation and collaboration with PsySSA, other professional organizations, government departments and other public sector stakeholders.

Incentives for Divisional membership and details of costs:

What do members receive by becoming members?

Members have the opportunity to actively engage in realising the the mission of PiPS to promote the work interests and conditions of psychology professionals in the  public service sector.

Details of costs:

Full Member

Associate Affiliate Students
R100.00 R100.00 R100.00 R50.00

Division Contact details:

Chair: Mr Daniël den Hollander danielhilbrand@gmail.com

Vice-Chair: Ms Lameze Abrahams abrahamslameze@gmail.com 

Secretary: Mrs Kgomotso Masokoane-Mammba kgomotso.masokoane@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ms Vanessa Stratford stratford.nessa@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Vikki Kotton vkotton@gmail.com

Additional member: Prof Sharon Kleintjes sharon.kleintjes@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Londiwe Nyandeni Lnyandani@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Letitia Rambally-Greener letitia.rambally@gmail.com

Psychology in Public Service(PiPS) Constitution 2016
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