Community & Social Psychology Division (CaSP)

Objectives of the Division:

The aims of the Division of Community and Social Psychology of PsySSA:

In addition to the objectives of PsySSA and the functions of divisions as expressed in Articles 2 and 12.4 respectively of the PsySSA constitution, the mission of the CaSP is to promote an understanding of the fields of community and social psychology.  The CaSP addresses this mission through the advancement of scientific research, community and social collaboration and professional education.  The goals derived from this mission are to be achieved in cooperation with PsySSA, other professional organizations, and the general public.

Incentives for Divisional membership and details of costs

What do members receive by becoming members?

Publishing opportunities:

  • Shared information on special editions of journals and journals that focus on issues in community and social psychology

Networking opportunities:

  • Information about conferences and talks, interesting community psychology projects

Research opportunities

  • Invitations to collaborate on research projects are circulated within the email network and members are encouraged to collaborate with each other on joint projects

Opportunities to influence

  • Being part of committees that are discussing cutting edge issues in the fields

Social change

  • This division is directly concerned with advocacy for social change, transformation and decolonisation in society

Details of costs:

Full Member Associate Affiliate Students
R50.00 R50.00 R50.00 R20.00

Social Media Links:

Blog: http://psyssacns.blogspot.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/casppsyssa/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CPsyssa 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/casp-psyssa-5a29991a6/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/casppsyssa/ 

Enquiries: casp@psyssa.co.za

Division Contact Details:

Chair: Dr Avivit Cherrington AvivitC@Embury.ac.za

Vice-Chair: Mr Suntosh Pillay suntoshpillay@gmail.com

Secretary: Mr Curwyn Mapaling curwyn.mapaling@mandela.ac.za

Treasurer:  Prof Ronelle Carolissen rlc2@sun.ac.za

Additional member: Mrs Kgomotso Ramanyatsa wilhemina.motsamai@gmail.com

Additional member: Ms Dené Du Rand denedurand806@gmail.com

Communications Mr Curwyn Mapaling
Community Projects Ms Kgomotso Ramanyatsa
Publications Mr Suntosh Pillay
Membership Fundraising Ms Dene du Randt
Student Adviser / Social Media Ms Noor Ahmad



Request for donation towards CaSP Seed Funding for a Community Project 2020

The CaSP (Community and Social Psychology) Division very successfully used membership fees last year to donate a small amount of money (R5000) as seed funding for a community project after inviting applications. We would like to do this again during 2020. Please consider donating a once off or recurring monthly amount to this practical community building initiative through  the CaSP division. It can be anything from R20-R200 or more. We look forward  to receiving your contribution to make a small tangible change!

Kindly note that the money will have to be transferred electronically into the PsySSA Account with reference Seed Grant 2020 . You are welcome to contact Prof Ronelle Carolissen rlc2@sun.ac.za for any further enquiries regarding the Seed Funding.

 Please do forward the proof of payment to my e-mail naziha@psyssa.com

CaSP Flyer 2020
Itsoseng Clinic by Dr Linda M Eskell Blokland
Private Practice focussing on Community-Based Research
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