Rev. Chris McLachlan is a clinical psychologist working at Thuthuzela Care Centre (Rape crises centre) in KwaZulu-Natal and has a special interest in the fields of Sexually and Gender Diversity and Gender Affirming Healthcare. Chris has completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, Practical Theology and Biblical Studies and is a PhD candidate at UNISA. Chris is also the chairperson and founding member of the Professional Association for Transgender Health. Chris is the co-chair of the team that developed the first South African Gender Affirming Healthcare Guideline, one of the writers of Standards of Care 8 of the World Professional  Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and is part of the core team that developed the Practice Guidelines for Psychology Professionals Working with Sexually and Gender-Diverse People. Chris is one of the South African representatives at iPsyNet and is a board member of WPATH. Currently Chris is co-chairing a team that is part of the WHO development team of Guidelines focussing on Trans and Gender Diverse people.