Dr. Louise Olivier is a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist.  She has a special interest in the fields of forensic psychology, neuropsychology, hypnotherapy, sex therapy and clinical psychology.  She studied at various South African universities after which she did extensive courses abroad in her fields of interests in the USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

She has published many articles and research reports pertaining to the needs and problems of the peoples of South Africa as well as on therapeutic interventions with children and adults.  She lectures extensively nationally and internationally in hypnotherapeutic techniques, ethics, forensic work etc.  Internationally, she has been invited to present workshops in Sweden, Israel, Australia, USSR, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and Ireland.

Professionally she was a member of the Professional Board of Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa and Chairperson of the Preliminary Committee of Enquiry of many years.  She was a co-writer of the Ethical Rules pertaining to the Profession of Psychology.

She is also an Executive member of the Psychological Society of South Africa and SASCH and has been President of PsySSA twice.

She was awarded the Laureate Award for 2009 from the University of Pretoria for her national and international contribution in Psychology and forensic psychology.

At present she is in private practice but also lectures at various South African universities and universities abroad.