Since sharing the immediate virtual consultation reimbursement policy, Discovery has engaged extensively with the profession to understand adjustments required in consideration of current and future demands specific to tele-therapy. Discovery has now confirmed changes in this policy that were developed in close collaboration with representative groups, including PsySSA.

As PsySSA, we are pleased that the new policy and rates reflect the importance and equitable nature of the current psychological services offered by practitioners, especially in the era of COVID-19, when a range of psychosocial supports will be necessary within South Africa. PsySSA will continue to engage other Medical Aids to ensure that this is a sector-wide outcome and that all South Africans will still be able to access quality psychological services from practitioners during this period.

As PsySSA, we are even more pleased at the plural nature of organisations and organic groups that have coalesced to ensure that this outcome has been reached, and we look forward to a continued engagement with other formations to extend the nature of psychosocial support that may be offered, beyond traditional psychotherapeutic services, to South Africa in this time of need.

Please see the communique received from Discovery below

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