After two years of successfully running the Seed Grant Competition, the CaSP Division invites its members to apply for the competition which seeks to fund ONE innovative, practical, and sustainable community engagement project.

“The pandemic spells an unprecedented public health crisis in our country’s history, accompanied by an array of emotional, family, social, occupational, institutional and economic impacts that bear on all of us. It is in this very moment, too, that our fraternity is looked upon to assume leadership, composure and considered action as we rise to the call to share our skills, resources and wisdom, and act in solidarity in service of the collective mental health and well-being of our country. This is a moment when we will likely be asked to fulfil multiple roles and responsibilities – to provide care and compassion, foster a sense of safety and security, reduce negative emotional contagion, promote community connectedness, offer reliable information, and advocate for just outcomes for all.” (Prof Garth Stevens, President PsySSA, 2020)

Against a backdrop of limitations and possibilities for further change, the CaSP 2021 Seed Grant Competition encourages thinking out of the box, re-imagining Community Psychology through the different ways of engaging with communities during Covid times. We are also encouraging critical thinking that takes into consideration the sustainability and impact of existing or new community-based projects that will promote mental health and psychosocial well-being during and beyond the pandemic.

Grant and networking opportunities:

  • Seed grant funding of up to R5000 for the winning application
  • Mentorship support from members of the CaSP executive for the winning applicant to publishing an opinion/academic piece or writing a funding proposal for a community psychology project

The competition is only open to registered CaSP members. If you are not yet a member, and would like to apply for the competition, please log in to your PsySSA account and add ‘Community/Social’ to your divisions:

Submission deadline: 31 March 2022 @ 12h00pm

For any queries, please contact us at

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