04 May 2021

Registration now OPEN for all OOH HCW STAFF

Dear HCW

As part of the Phase 1 Roll-Out to Vaccinate all Healthcare Workers, we urgently request that you register and book all ‘Out of Hospital’ Health Care workers to be vaccinated next.

This includes all your frontline staff in your practice.
V4HCW platform will schedule your appointment and allow you to choose the vaccination site closest to you. Please note that sites and doses are currently limited.

For the scheduling and booking process please follow the steps below:

Step 1
All Staff must be registered on EVDS as a HCW
Please choose “OTHER” if your health establishment is not listed on the EVDS

Step 2
Each Health Care Provider must first register and list all their frontline-practice staff
on the V4HCW Beneficiary portal.

Step 3
Each Staff member must self-register on V4HCW and agree to T&C’s
Staff to leave Council Number “BLANK”

Step 4
Each eligible Staff can then book on V4HCW for a vaccination appointment. New
doses are released each day, so please check daily if you do not see an appointment slot.

For all Vaccination queries and updates please join the telegram group
For more Information on the Vaccines

Best regards

Dr Unben Pillay
Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

Help us protect our HCW, please register frontline staff for a vaccination today.

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