Ethics Standing Committee

Contact details:

ChairProf Anthony Pillay
Additional MemberMr Umesh Bawa, Prof Saths Cooper and Dr Karl Swain

Mandate: Ethics Standing Committee

This Committee shall consist of Fellows or Members widely representative of the diversity of psychology; the Committee may co-opt persons who are not psychologists and who represent community interests.

The Ethics Committee has an educational, advisory and consultative function. In relation to disciplinary issues its role is mediatory rather than disciplinary.

Written complaints of unethical conduct may be directed to the Committee by Members of the Society or the public for resolution.
Investigative procedures shall be formulated as Rules of the Society.

The Ethical Code shall be continuously revised by the Ethics Committee or a special working group of this Committee following international models and with regard to local needs, and shall remain the subject of wide consultation, so that the code reflects the full diversity of the profession of psychology in its human interest and guild concerns.

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