Awards Standing Committee

Contact details:

ChairProf Tholene Sodi
Additional MemberProf Sumaya Laher, Prof Terry Mashego, Prof Jace Pillay

Mandate:  Awards Standing Committee

To review the criteria for Awards that the Society may offer from time to time relying on national and international best practices.

To appoint, after consultation with the Executive, jurors for specific awards and to widely announce such awards, including in  the Society’s publications and social media platforms and other relevant media.

To carefully consider if and when the Society should award Fellowship of the Society, and make recommendations to the  Executive in this regard.

To ensure that the Society’s awards retain the requisite stature and quest for excellence. To this end, should there be doubts at  any time about the offering of any award, this Committee shall deliberate on the matter and may suggest to the Executive that such  award not be made at that time.

Members of this Committee or the Executive shall only be eligible for an award when a significant period of time has elapsed  since their membership of these structures of the Society.

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