Congratulations to PsySSA on its 25th Anniversary! This is an amazing milestone for Psychology in South Africa. PsySSA has succeeded in taking the discipline from its hurtful and divided past to new heights characterised by excellence, growth and international recognition.

Prof Anthony Pillay

My sincerest congratulations to PsySSA and its members on a truly remarkable achievement, viz. 25 years of continuous exceptional service to the South African and global psychology community and broader society. Over the past 25 years, PsySSA has been key to the development of psychology in the service of humanity in South Africa and further afield. It is an organisation that we can all justifiably be very proud of.

Prof Norman Duncan

Thank you, PsySSA, for 25 years of selfless service to Humanity in general and Psychology specifically. PsySSA’s ability to respond timeously and appropriately to change at various levels, to promote the wellbeing of people with vulnerability in particular, and to advance the goal of ensuring sustainable decent work for all people is inspiring and uplifting. All the best with the next 25 years of your journey towards shaping Africa’s imaginaries and Psychology’s and futures!

Prof Kobus Maree

Great work has been done by PsySSA over the years. I am very proud to have been associated with this noble organisation. Happy 25th anniversary to PsySSA!!

Prof Tholene Sodi

Flying Psychology’s flag high nationally, continentally, internationally, PsySSA celebrate’s it’s Silver Anniversary. Let’s celebrate our common humanity together! 

Prof Saths Cooper

Congratulations to the Psychological Society of South Africa on its 25th birthday. In an age of instant gratification a quarter century of struggle, change, and achievements and lessons in a lesson in staying the course! Our respect to all the people who began this journey to fight racist, homophobic and sexist apartheid and colonial psychology, and everybody who has contributed in big and small ways to build an inclusive professional Society. May you have another quarter century of growth, learning, agility and accomplishment. South Africa and Africa needs your mental health expertise and wisdom.

Prof Kopano Ratele

Thank you to PsySSA for a quarter of a century of representing the interests of the South African psychology fraternity so well. Still relatively young, the PsySSA I know is already fully established with a clear sense of direction to successfully navigate the many years that lie ahead.

Prof Juan Nel

With the support of its members and the broader Psychology community, PsySSA has surpassed its predecessors and celebrates its silver anniversary. It’s been 25 amazing years of building a unified, relevant and responsive psychology that encourages debate and diversity the African way. Here’s to the next 25 year’s of national and international Psychology representation!

Prof Sumaya Laher

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