The Thuthuzela Care Centre (TCC)

In South Africa, sexual violence and gender-based violence (GBV) are serious and pervasive. GBV is widespread and strongly rooted in South Africa’s cultures and traditions.

While it mostly affects women and girls, GBV does not discriminate. Any person can be a victim or a perpetrator of GBV, regardless of their ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. GBV can be committed by close friends, acquaintances, strangers and intimate partners. It can also be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and the perpetrator is often known by the victim. GBV is a scourge which must be eradicated.

An integrated approach to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) care management is one of respect, comfort, restoring dignity and ensuring justice for the girls, boys, women and men who are victims of this violence.

As a reaction to the urgent need for an integrated strategy for prevention, response, and support for rape victims/survivors, the National Prosecuting Authority’s Sexual Offences and Community Affairs Unit (SOCA), in conjunction with several agencies and funders, is leading the Thuthuzela initiative. The SOCA Unit has been working since it was founded to create best practices and policies that aim to end victimisation of women and children while enhancing prosecution, notably in the areas of sexual offenses, maintenance, child justice, and domestic violence.

Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs) are located within a public hospital based in communities where the incidence of rape is particularly high. The TCC is linked to a magistrate‚Äôs court (ideally a dedicated sexual offence court). At the centre the victim/survivor will see the doctor, counsellor, social worker and if need be, the psychologist. This court is capacitated with prosecutors skilled in SGBV matters, the judiciary, court interpreters, social workers, non-government organisations (NGOs), as well as court preparation officers. The court is also located near to the TCC. In order to lessen secondary victimisation and prepare a case that may be successfully prosecuted, as part of South Africa’s anti-rape policy, TCCs have been set up as one-stop facilities. Currently there are 61 TCCs in South Africa and more are still to be established.

Thuthuzela Care Centre operations: How does the TCC work?

Step 1: You can report a rape case directly to a TCC (based at community clinics or hospitals) or to a police station
Step 2: TCC staff will assist to get you immediate medico-legal attention at the Centre
Step 3: TCC staff will arrange counselling and therapeutic services at the Centre
Step 4: TCC staff will assist you to open a police case (if you want to do so immediately or even at a later stage)
Step 5: TCC staff will arrange for on-going counselling and court preparation (if the case goes to trial)

Edendale TCC Tel/ Fax : 033 395 4325
Harry Gwala Regional Hospital,
Moses Mabhida Rd, Plessislaer,
Edendale, Pietermaritzburg

Site Coordinator: Yolokazi Mjoli Tel: 033 395 4352

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