Did you miss our third webinar, 15th Annual Peace, Safety and Human Rights Memorial Lecture, Transitional Justice, Martyrdom and Liberation.

Don’t worry, watch it now on our YouTube Page!

The Peace, Safety and Human Rights Memorial Lecture Series (in memory of the late Minister Abdulah Omar and Mr Joe Moabi) is an annual event, which has been endorsed by the Omar and Moabi families. The Lecture Series seeks to highlight the new frontiers and challenges facing the culture of democracy, peace, safety and human rights in South Africa and globally. Abdulah Omar and Joe Moabi fought a vigilant and uncompromising war against inequality and oppression. Their legacies remind us that the fight against oppression and tyranny is never over and that we are required to constantly renew our commitment to the cause of development equality and freedom. The Annual Lecture Series has been forged in the flames of their legacies, and as such, seeks to emblazon the agencies of peace, safety, human rights and social justice for all. The Series aims to deepen our understanding of freedom and prepare us meaningfully to implement the ideals of democracy.

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