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Thembelihle Dube-Addae

Other Thembelihle Dube-addae

Client Focus: I work with children, ado...
  Mobile number:792309084
 Landline: 792309084
  Western Cape

Ms Ilse Pauw

  Mobile number:844373100
 Landline: 214387341
  Western Cape

Other Linnéa Potgieter

Client Focus: adults and couples
  Mobile number:083 647 7372
 Landline: 021 976 7626
Fax: 021 975 8406
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:824961633
 Landline: 227141101
Fax: 0227144202
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:730454606
 Landline: 730454606
  Western Cape

Mr Grant Scholtz

Client Focus: Adults and adolescents (1...
  Mobile number:733837604
 Landline: 216850698
  Western Cape

Ms Maryke Woolf

Client Focus: Adults and Couples
  Mobile number:793687681
 Landline: 793687681
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:825796669
 Landline: 216376831
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:0833751450
 Landline: 0833751450
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:083 7155652
 Landline: 083 7155652
  Western Cape

Prof Ann Edwards

Clinical, Clinical Neuropsychology, Forensic
  Mobile number:837790736
 Landline: 021 7010203
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:713852861
 Landline: 713852861
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:0828675590
 Landline: 0448032745
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:828825390
 Landline: 828825390
Fax: 021 6831293
  Western Cape
  Mobile number:822226092
 Landline: 822226092
  Western Cape

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