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Student Division

Student Division

Objectives of the Division:

The Student Division  of PsySSA aims to:

  • Develop an organisational structure for psychology that reconciles historically opposed groups;
  • To serve the needs and the interests of all South Africa’s people;
  • To acknowledge and surpass psychology’s role in the apartheid system;
  • Ensuring that the division remains an organ of civil society without an overt or covert loyalty to any political party.
  • Advancing psychology as a science, profession and as a means of promoting human well   
  • being;
  • Actively striving for social justice, opposing policies that deny individuals or groups access to the material and psychological conditions necessary for optimal human development and protesting against any violation of basic human rights;
  • To establish and maintain the highest standard of ethics;
  • Engaging in policy development processes that are relevant to social enhancement and psychological practice in South Africa;
  • Promoting the rendering or and advancing mental health services to all in South Africa.

Among the goals for 2016:

  • Research different concerns regarding psychology students (survey and round tables)
  • Expose psychology students to the academic and professional discipline of psychology (i.e. PsySSA Conference)
  • Create opportunities for psychology students to engage in mentorship opportunities
  • Assist the community through community projects (giving student volunteer experience)
  • Connect students to professionals and researchers in their respective field of interest (Neuropsychology; Research; Counselling; Clinical and Industrial)
  • Address the mental health stigma in South Africa among the youth
  • Assisting psychology students to connect with professionals to gain skills to produce publishable material
  • Create and/or connect with psychology student structures in order to support them and gain feedback

The Student Division is interested primarily in Psychology students, but as a discourse of Psychology – Student Division is also interested in being a voice for students and student issues as a whole by providing a space for dialogue. The division is also interested in creating awareness of social issues (Xenophobia, HIV/AIDS, women and child abuse, hate crimes, etc) and making psychology relevant to immediate pressing issues (#Feesmustfall)

Incentives for Divisional membership and details of cost

What do members receive by becoming members

  • Access to the SAJP
  • Affiliation with a student body that will represent and support
  • Support to psychology student structures at Universities
  • Connection with Psychology professionals and the academic field
  • Creating opportunities for students to gain necessary skills
  • Addressing student needs through round table and discussion seeking to solve problems creatively.

Details of cost:

Membership to the student division is free.

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For pre-registration for 2016 and a reminder for official registration for 2016 membership click here and fill in the form:

Division Contact details:

Chair: Mr. Shaun Nortjé

Vice-Chair (KwaZulu-Natal): Ms. Samantha Cockcroft

Vice-Chair (Gauteng): Mr. Hendrik Nel

Vice-Chair (Eastern Cape): Ms. Zilondiwe Goge

Secretary: Ms. Maham Hassan

Treasurer: Ms. Cecilia Steenkamp

Liaison (UP): Mr. Ryan Tehini

Liaison (NMMU): Ms. Onelihle Nikamva

Liaison (WITS): Ms. Vishanya Kasiram

Social Media: Ms. Tarryn Kelmovitz

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